Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where I've Been

Where have I been since September? Well, I have to say that blogging hasn't been first on my list of things to do. In the past few months, work has been a little overwhelming as well as the kids, the house, travel, etc.

I must confess that I have also been working on a little something in the past two months that I've been conceptualizing since very early this year. It's take a lot of time; more time than I'm used to, but all that thinking and planning was necessary.

You see, I have been all eaten up this year about launching a business but trying at the same to time whittle down my ideas into a concept that I am truly excited about and feel there is a need for in the sewing and crafting community.

As most of you know from reading this blog, I am also very interested and passionate about fine arts; mainly drawing and sketching. It's not very practical at this point with two toddlers to take back up that oil painting or printmaking (can you imagine?) so a sketchbook and pencil suit me just fine.

I also have been very frustrated by the lack of boys designs, projects and patterns out there in the crafting and sewing world. Now, I know that there are some out there and a lot of them are cute, but I'm looking for fun, edgy, quirky stuff. I know how easy it is to find the absolute cutest dress pattern/sweater pattern/appliqué/purse/bag/hairbow designs for my girl. I just have to click the nearest blog link to find thousands of these projects at my fingertips.

However, my little boy is just as interested in handmade or even more so than my little girl. Of course, she is only two, but I am sure she'll be making more requests down the road. Channy is always asking me if I can "knit him an umbrella", or put a dinosaur on his book bag or make him a big spider! Yes, things like that. I have yet to find the knitting pattern for an umbrella.

All that is to say that I'm proud to launch a new blog and store called Puddle Jumping Designs. It will hopefully be a collection of projects and designs geared toward boys. Right now I have a small collection of really cool appliqué patterns in the shop. I am not sure if I will stick with BigCartel as my storefront, or move the entire thing to it's own web address. Time will tell. I want to get the designs out and start blogging about boy stuff. That is not to say that I won't add the girls in there as well (see my post about William Worm and his sister, Wilhelmina). Currently, my little girl adores princess stuff as much as she loves her "dy-see-nos" (dinosaurs). Gotta love a girl like that.

Please don't think that I still won't keep up the Path, but I have to say that I am a much happier person to have a clear focus now with a blog so I may be posting to the Puddle more than the Path. But I still want to keep the Path for ALL my crafty/life stuff.

Thanks to everyone who checked on this little blog the past to years. I have made some really great friends on this site! Please check out PJD, and please come back to the Path once in a while as well.


Stay on that path!