Monday, January 23, 2012

Back with a Roar!

We celebrated my son's sixth birthday with a ferocious roar! Well, as ferocious as a toothless Tyranasaurus Rex would be as he bared his ferocious gums. He requested dinosaurs which really deviates from the normal cheetah obsession, so we had to create a prehistoric jungle.


I had so much fun painting the toothless dinosaur head that I really didn't want to leave the upstairs room where, paints in hand, I had music playing and sun shining through the windows. The rest of the team, meaning my brothers, SILs and parents, came up to find me and drag me away from my art project to help with the rest of the preparations. The little guy loves to be surprised so we were all working away creating the most believable jungle atmosphere before he got home with the pizzas. No, he wasn't driving. He was with his daddy.

I had to show the cake twice. Isn't it cute? As I was scanning for party ideas a few days before (I know, it's like cramming for a test; these holiday birthdays always seem to get lost in the shuffle), I came across this tutorial.

We all had fun masks and ate dinosaur claws (Bugles!). I really wanted everyone to have tails but hey, you only have so much time in the day, right? They didn't seem to be missed as everyone was having a great time. Especially with the dinosaur habitat sounds playing in our "jungle".

Fun masks found here. Awesome dino bones here.

Happy 2012!