Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Today is the last day my kids will be going to their daycare center. Completely and totally. We've pulled out our son during the time our daughter was born but they went back after a couple of months. We've also taken them down to just a couple of days when Mommy's job allowed for more free time during certain points of the year.

Now, however, we are going to just stay home - and while that is a celebration for me and my family, it is a point of sadness for some of the staff and directors for the center. Every time the director talks about it, she tears up and can't talk. She's known our babies since they were only two months old. It's been a tough decision, but in the end, I get to spend even more time with the kiddos and we think that's best.

So, to say our thanks to all those wonderful staff members who have all gone above and beyond to care for our sweet children, I've made some simple clutches from this book by Amy Karol. Of course, this can't be sufficient payment for nurturing and caregiving, but we wanted to say thanks somehow.

Tucked inside each clutch is a little individual note to each teacher along with a picture of the kids. All clipped together with some "love" (heart-shaped paper clips).

So this past week I have been preparing the house to be more organized for the morning babysitter as well as getting myself ready for some crafting fun with my kids in the afternoons (think paper plates, coffee filters, glue, paint, string and glitter...). Yahoo!

I don't want these years to slip by ... but they already are! I am sure one day I'll be helping my son tie his shoes or my daughter to do her button and I'll be at some graduation party, watching my little birds leave the nest...

I intend to enjoy every moment. Make sure you enjoy yours!

Staying on the path...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

From our house to yours: We hope you all had a happy Easter holiday...

Getting back on the path...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I used to live there. There and in many other wild places. I visited often and could always jump into each world with startling ease. I was an emperor, a thief, a fairy, an explorer, a renegade, an adventurer. I would never say I was a dreamer because to my young self, that would have been an insult. I never dreamed these things. I lived them. Every day.

I held on to that world longer than anyone ever has, I believe. Right until I went to college. After my first year, it was lost. I couldn't find it. I am hoping to go back there someday soon and I am hoping that my children will take me there...

Did you ever live in those places as a child? I think that is what, in my adult years, keeps me:

On the path...