Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FO - Avita!

I am finished with my Avita pattern and am finally blocking it. It will be so cute on Ava in the fall as a tunic and next summer as a tank top!

I am also working on the second legwarmie to make a pair. I'm trying to use up my leftover yarn and I think that she's going to look like a candy cane with these. I am loving the off white with the cherry red though, and am thinking hats...

After struggling with the beautiful, bright patterns and the rules of 1)Fall, 2)Sturdy; I have finally come up with an idea and some fun yet in the fall category of fabric for my apron swap. It's all washed and ready to be cut. Sorry, I can't show this yet on my blog as my partner may be checking every now and then to see if I slip up.

Stay on the path!

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Pecos Blue said...

Very cute. I love Red and White.