Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Socks!

I am very proud and excited indeed to post my very first pair of socks! What fun they are too; bright coral and orange to perk up anyone on a cold February morning. These socks went to my good friend, Marjana, for her birthday. She said she loved them so I am very happy.

Many thanks to Pneuma for her guidance on knitting with sport-weight yarn and working out the gauge issue (always a problem for me). She was so very sweet and helpful when I threw her an email a while back. Pneuma, I am now ready to knit those hunting socks for my hubby after doing these! Of course, hunting season for him is already over, but now I have all year to knit up that birthday gift for him. Right?

My favorite part of these socks are the cheerful pom-poms on the ends. These aren't very functional (unless you are a tennis player) but Marjana wears comfy house shoes/socks in the winter so I thought I would add to her collection.

Stay tuned for more knitty goodness. I just can't keep away from the yarn lately. My sewing machine is getting a much-needed rest after the last big project.

Keeping on that path...

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Cheryl A said...

pom poms? I'm in love.