Monday, May 25, 2009

The Start of Summer

Happy summer! After Memorial Day, we here in the wild north woods anxiously await that first day the thermometer tips upwards to 80 degrees (I hear my southern friends laughing right now). Memorial Day is truly the start of summer around here as the last chance of frost is well past and the Farmer's Almanac says we can start planting (more snickering?).

We are ready for the beginning of summer at our house. We're in the process of putting up a small fence in the backyard (good for containing children, animals and the rogue bouncy ball) and are planning to enjoy the summer months out there. A small raised bed went into one of the flower beds with a variety of veggies and the summer clothes are all unpacked and in our drawers.

We're ready, but we're just waiting on the weather to catch up with us.

In preparation for summer, Channy received some light cotton jammies:

Complete with dinosaur (what wouldn't be complete without a dinosaur?).

Inspired by all of the colorful totes out in the stores lately, I made a bright, colorful bag for myself from this tutorial:

After a brief crafting hiatus, I am back at the sewing machine!

On the path...


Anonymous said...

adorable bags! (and kids of course)

Em said...

I love Channy's new jammies! The bag looks great too - I have recently found my sewing machine also... it was somewhere down in the dungeon that was my sewing room... luckily it wasn't too deep in the dust! By the way - I didn't laugh too hard at your 80 degree weather...LOL
(It's going to be 86 today!!)

Jenny said...

Thanks for not laughing too hard! Alas, it's only going to be 65 today (sigh).