Monday, June 1, 2009

Gift Box Update

I have so many friends and neighbors expecting babies this summer so it must be that time of year again (seems like the babies come in waves). I'm busy trying to get some gift packages in the mail and this is a cheerful one going to a little boy due, well, right now.

The extra-long, extra-large changing pad is an absolute favorite of mine. My babies were big and long and they soon outgrew their changing pads that came with any diaper bag I ever received. I can just toss these into the wash and pop them in my purse or diaper bag for that emergency diaper change.

A sketch to come tonight hopefully! This day is shaking out to be a doozie.

Staying on the path...


Trish said...

awesome gift package! I just love monkeys and stripey things.

Anonymous said...

TOOO CUTE! I wish it was ME having a baby this summer...geez....too cool :-) ~Ange