Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meet Don (Dawn?)

Summertime is NOT the time for consistent blog posting. It's good to know that everyone else is out there enjoying the weather as well though.

I've had this little guy knit for about two months now and he definitely shows signs of wear and tear already. My son is in love with dinosaurs, specifically stegasauruses (sp?) and "ceri-tri-tops" (triceratops). I found this cute pattern on Ravelry, had a leftover hank of green yarn and started.

This pattern was so easy, but I had a hard time with weaving in the ends. Does anyone know how to successfully weave in yarn ends so they don't unravel? Mine ALWAYS unravel. With kids banging around the toys, they end up looking like poor Don (Dawn?) here.

As for the name, my son chose that one. When I gave him the dinosaur, he was so excited and I asked what he was going to name it. After a pause, I suggested Stanley (the Stegasaurus). No to all my suggestions. Finally, my son said, "The name is Don (Dawn?)." I am still not sure of Don's gender but the name stuck.

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Jackamo said...

I feel your pain...people have been baffled by my Donn (Dawn?) name for years.