Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woah! Winter Wilndess

Yesterday, the kids and I went out to let the snowflakes fall on our faces and just get out for a bit. It was encouraging until I stepped into my yard. Every year we re-seed this exact patch of ground and every year, the grass just disappears. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Just like last summer (which wasn't really a summer, that was our fall), this winter has been pretty wild. It was mild with no snow for a while and then WHAM! We're hit with a blizzard (right in between Christmas and New Year's on our eight hour drive). Thank you nature. ;)

Now, when we're ready for some cross country skiing, just as we're getting out our skis and boots and the excitement is building ... the snow melts. Well, not entirely. It's sort of in the gross, half-melted brown stage with the crusty top.

Well, I certainly haven't been away from the Creative Path because of weather. Just as the holidays brings on travel, shopping, to-do lists, etc. I think that January is a little of the same: cleaning, organizing, starting a new year. I have been creating, I just haven't been posting.

I did get some wonderful books that I'll share with you soon. One of them has inspired me to start a rag rug project. I'm positive I won't have a finished pic for you anytime soon, but I'll definitely be updating you on the project and will let you know how easy or hard it turned out to me (my guess is easy, just time consuming).

Staying on the path!

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Jackamo said...

Nice to see you back! Missed you :)