Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting Personal

While trying to think up something fantastic for my daughter's preschool teachers (who are incredibly fantastic by the way) I came up with an idea.

The entire year, the teachers work with each child to get them to write their names. So, collecting all the names from the children at the year's end. I came up with this framed artwork. Such a great way to say thank you!

My son's kindergarten class's mascot was a frog. They were called the frogs and whenever they had to line up the teacher would call out for her frogs! Also another fantastic teacher and one we wanted to bless with something special. She has frogs all over her classroom and we decided to add to her collection with the names of her class this year in a frog shape:

I've decided to offer customized art like this in my Etsy shop. A customized piece of art with any names you like - all in a digital format that you can print again and again. I printed these out at my local photo center and they turned out great!

On the path...

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