Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waiting and Sketch Books

I do a lot of waiting.

Dental office patterns. Waiting for cavity filling of the small person.

Waiting for doctors, waiting for dance class, waiting for school pickup ... just waiting! I always find myself waiting without any kind of sketcbook and you know what happens when the mind wanders. You want to sketch your ideas! It's harder to do on a napkin so I end up writing the idea down on a scrap of paper, lose it, and then wonder what the heck I was going to sketch.

And then I sketch yet another dog.

So I remembered to bring along my sketchbook a few times and decided to really challenge myself!

Sketching in the car.

Emotions in a face are so hard to capture sometimes but yet so essential in conveying the action or feelings of an image. This was frustrating at first, but then really fun as I tried to think of different emotions like the "How are You Feeling Today?" magnets.

Next time I actually remember to throw the sketchbook in my purse, perhaps I'll come up with something great!

– jenny

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