Monday, July 22, 2013

A Progression

When it comes to cranking out portfolio-worthy pieces ... I'm ON IT! I'm churning out ideas in my sketchbook. I'm immediately putting pencil to paper. I'm finding every scrap of time to sit and work on the finished product.

I'm ON IT!

Turns out, I'm a little too on it. While I thought that I was in a great groove, I discovered that my "style" as it were, is still under construction. Below are my three illustrations. They're supposed to go together but they look like they belong in three different books! The illustrations are in order of #1, #2, and #3. As they go, the lines get finer and the colors are progressively bolder. Arg!


My question to myself now is, should I try to fix #2? I'm definitely starting over on #1. But I just love how #3 turned out. I suppose I don't need to be so shy with color. It's definitely a process!

Perhaps it's time for a walk.

– jenny

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Emily Cole said...

I love it!!! Your stuff looks amazing!