Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Work, work, work...

Honestly, if I could bypass picking up the kids at school (sorry kids), dinner, homework, laundry, eating, and sleeping, I would keep working! No, I haven't hit a romantic spot in my work where everything is coming up roses. Rather, I have finally gotten myself over the artistic "hump" as it were, and found that I can just keep going.

This watercolor doesn't work? Scrap it. Start again. This sketch looks funny? Scrap it. Start again. Characters not coming out just right? Totally scrap it and do sometime different. One day I stopped drawing narwhals and just drew babies. Just because.

Figure studies

I can improve everywhere! Finally I have found that sweet spot where I can just sit down and start working on something and just keep going! I don't bemoan the fact (at least not a LOT), that this particular piece didn't turn out. I just keep going. Whoo hoo!

Right now I am having a hard time with my watercolors. I love working in watercolor! It was one of my favorite mediums to work with in college. The professor who taught my watercolor class was so good (at teaching and watercolor alike) that I took it twice! So, even though I am able to do sketches like this:

Watercolor Sketch

I am not so happy with my children's book characters in this medium right now. So I have turned to colored pencil for the moment. I think I like it so far. This is a sketch I did today with ink and colored pencils. Cat sort of blends in, but otherwise, I like it. I wish I had a grey and white rug like that one.

However, after a thorough and insightful critique by a trusted professional in the field, apparently vector is my strong suit. Hm. So I am not sure what to do with this pencil drawing. Expound upon it? Or do I convert it to vector like all my other drawings?

I am still learning. Being in a like-minded community helps. Everyone has opinions and not all of them are the same. At some point my work will strike a chord with someone out there. Then I will be IN!

On the path...

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