Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome to the Creative Path!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you find what you are looking for whether that is a helpful tip, a creative spark or just a laugh. I chose this particular title for my blog because I am not necessarily devoted to one particular type of creative activity all the time. Well, I take that back, right now I mostly love to knit, sew and write, as those are the only occupations that I can stop and start easily. This is essential when you have two children under the age of two to care for.

However, I have many more interests that I hope to share on this blog. I am not a master of any of these creative endeavors. I have not been knitting for years but have been writing for almost half my life and have never been published (except for a horribly butchered 50-word article in an online travel magazine -sigh!). I don't have my own fabric lines or write designer knitting patterns (wouldn't that be cool though?). I make frequent mistakes in my projects and will happily post those along with my triumphs for all to see and discuss. I am hoping that this blog will spark others to go off and be creative as well as draw helpful tips and ideas from the visitors to my site.

Thanks for stopping by and please, join me on the Creative Path!


Watoosa said...

I'd love to read more of your stories if you feel like sharing them, FYI. I really need to get writing myself. I go for walks and come up with ideas and have a notebook in which they are scribbled down, but I'm being a slob about putting them into proper story form.

Sarah said...

I just found your blog from the crazymomquilts blog, and it has definitely inspired me to start "creating" more. I have never really considered myself a crafty or creative person, but these last few months I've really felt a need to create here I go! Thanks for your blog, and for your honesty about making mistakes! I have to admit, that is the thing that makes me nervous...but I can't make mistakes if I don't try! Thanks again!