Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Departure = Another Bag

It's that time again, unfortunately, when another beloved teacher is graduating college and leaving our child care center. This time it's Ms. Jessie and we are so sad to see her go. She is graduating this fall and is leaving in a week to do her student teaching in Hawaii. I mean, who wants to go there when you can change dirty diapers all day?

Ms. Jessie has been at the center over two years so that means she has cared for Chandler and Ava both and has been able to cheer them on through all their milestones, kiss away tears, sing songs, and give plenty of love and attention to our babies. And, as I am sort of making it a tradition now, I have made her a goodbye bag.

Since I made this design up, it's going to be called "Mahalo, Jessie." The Mahalo, Jessie bag is pretty darn simple, with a loop for the wrist, a zipper and one small interior pocket. This will be the perfect accessory to take to class or to the beach, no?

Good luck Jessie, we were fortunate to have you in our children's lives and I guess we'll share you with the rest of the world now.

Stay on the path...


Jackamo said...

LOVE that fabric!

Em said...

What a gorgeous pleated little bag!!! Great job - I'm sure that teacher will love it. That fabric is beautiful.

Troye said...

Too cute. I love the design and the AB fabric. I have not been very inspired lately, but I have that fabric in a different color palate. Now I might just be ready to use it.