Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Like I said, I refuse to let my various projects get the best of me. Even though I am buried under work and housework, I have found a few moments to whip out some of my WIPs. So, this photo-heavy post should be a good update on what's been going on in my crazy house lately.

Still working on finishing that Debbie Bliss Picot Dress. I just started the arm strap and hope to really get some knitting done on it in the coming weeks. Keep in mind, this is the very same book that the ill-fated toddler hoodie came from. I hope the dress will turn out much better.

These little guys came from this pattern and I highly recommend you knitters out there to try it. Once I figured out the loop stitch, it was such a breeze. I've already knitted three and need to finish these. They just need their loops attached and some lion faces stitched on.

My garden almost bit the dust (or rather drowned) last weekend during the strong thunderstorms. There were a few tornadoes that touched down in our area but none came by our house thank goodness. We did spend a few moments getting comfy in our basement on Sunday evening though. Surprisingly, my deck garden survived and the plants are no worse for wear. There were a few twigs sticking upright in the soil, but other than that, they seem pretty happy.

I have planted some herbs, tomatoes, various peppers and some lovely sugar snap peas that are growing like crazy. I am excited to say that I have some beginnings of peppers growing already and a few flowers on my pea vine. I know, it's Michigan though, so we need a little extra time. This girl's garden is really in full swing.

Finally, an FO. A Finished Object. Yes, I did finish something in these past few weeks and I'm glad to say, it turned out great (unlike my quilt top). This is Ava's dedication dress - a little rumpled from wearing it on Sunday. It's a simple, reversible smock and I'm proud to share it:

On the path...


Em said...

Beautiful! I love the buttons! Where did you get the pattern for that smock? I think it would look really cute on my neice or my daughter! I'm glad your plants didn't drown... maybe they'll perk up a little more now that they've gotten good water, and will get some sun!

Jackamo said...

You probably already know this or have done this, but just in case, why don't you sew buttons on the reverse side of the smock too so that you can button it either way and have both sides "finished?" Just a suggestion. Love it, by the way. Kiss your sweet lil'girl for me.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Jackamo! I actually thought of that as I was making the button holes but realized that I only had one pair of buttons! So, I am on my way this week or next to pick up another pair when I can find time to get to the store.

You are right, though. It would finish the dress off! So far, she has only worn it on one side...