Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." -Oscar Wilde

On they way to my parents' house this past friday, I finished the Debbie Bliss toddler hoodie that has taken me ages to get around to finishing. I PROMISED everyone that saw this hoodie that I followed the pattern but it didn't turn out quite how I wanted. The torso was a little short, the arms are slightly too long and the hood, well, let's just say that it made my two-year old look like he was going to be in Jedi knight training. Or it looked like a bucket for carrying extra produce or groceries. I honestly have a hard time following DB's patterns sometimes and I know it's the way I'm reading the pattern. Oh well.

You win some, and you lose some. To be honest, we completely lost it when we tried this on our son. He was scared of the thing and put up a little fight when we wanted to slip this over his head. I can't blame him!

Now I have some great, cream-colored yarn for a new project. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Em said...

OMG - Jenny... did you frog the whole thing? I know what you mean about mistakes! I'm working on sewing a dress for Taylor Anne right now, and would have finished it today, but I read some of the pattern wrong, and have to make do. It looks like it's going to be huge on her anyway - it might be a nice dress for NEXT summer instead of this coming one. Bummer!!!

Cheryl A said...

You unravelled it? As only a beginner knitter I can't even imagine. Spot on with Jedi Knight comment though.

Katie said...

oh, i do love that yarn. I have only made one of debbie patterns, but i thought it did run a little boxy. I just measured the hood and arms to fit my son, instead of following the pattern, and I did lengthen the torso. It looks so great though. i bet you worked realy hard on that. it is frustrating, i know.