Monday, February 4, 2008

Obsession, Part II

I haven't really been able to make it down to the sewing dungeon again, but have instead started another fair isle baby cap for a deserving little head. These caps don't take up too much yarn and are good left-over yarn stash (if there is such a thing) busters if you keep your small, used balls of leftover yarn like I do.

Hopefully I can get back to the quilt-a-long soon.

On the path and hiking along...


Em said...

I know how you feel - my 'old' sewing room was like a dungeon, but I'm working on that... soon I won't have to 'leave' the kids to go sew... they can play along side while I work! Em

watoosa said...

Awww. That giraffe looks warmer already. I'll bet he misses balmy Africa less now.