Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Snow and My Hand Knits

Are you wearing your hand knits this winter? Well, that is if you actually live in a climate that has true, bite-your-skin winter. This girl is probably out picking lemons from her citrus grove as you read this. In February.

I know places like this exist, but I just can't bring myself to imagine them in all this snow and ice. February is definitely the month for those of us who live in the northern tundra to escape somewhere exciting and warm. I can't wait until we can do that! Maybe when the kids are potty trained. Or, maybe not. I haven't yet had the experience of "Mommy, I have to go potty!" every three minutes.

It's so cold out this winter season, my hand knits have had a decent run. The first picture is of one of my favorite hats that a really sweet and dear friend of mine knitted for me years ago. It actually fits my big head (seriously, I was the kid on the softball team that had to wear the biggest helmet) and the crown is perfectly shaped. I've never been able to knit a hat that didn't go over my eyes. I do have a pattern for a new cable hat; just in time for spring! Well, you can't always time these things.

What on earth is this? No, I'm not super-organized and already wrapping presents for Christmas next year. I wish. I've got this idea in my head that won't go away and I've been tinkering with a few patterns in my head that I would like to get out onto fabric some day. My sweet hubby has been helping me with the math (I don't have the patience to figure that stuff out) and I've been trying to cut out a pattern out of leftover Christmas wrapping paper. I'm too scared to waste even muslin right now. So, we'll see what happens with this blob; albeit a very festive, colorful blob.

Keep warm and stay on the path!

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Em said...

That's a great idea! I was just thinking of designing something today, but didn't know how to go about it past the drawing stage! I may try using wrapping paper too! The hat is really cute - I'm sorry it's so cold. It's getting cold here today too... high of 40!!! UGH! I'm sick of winter - of course we have only seen a dusting of snow this year, so there's nothing to compare with what you've got!