Monday, July 21, 2008


Wow - what a surprise to wake up this morning and find I've been given an award! Em, over at Em and the Gang, handed out an award to some bloggers and I was on her list - I made the list! Thanks, Em. You are such a great virtual friend.

Isn't that how it is here in blog-land? Em and I are virtual friends because we live so far apart (Her NC to my MI), which is too bad, really because I feel like we could be actual friends too. She's a super-mommy that is super crafty and creative as well. She not only went through the first round of the Quilt-A-Long but is now well-embroiled into Round II (the star quilt), doing summer lessons with her kids, traveling with her family, crafting as always, and finding time to blog as well as trying to pass legislation on allowing backyard chickens in her home town!

Check out her ETG blog as well as her new Chicken blog. It will make you want to have some in your back yard...

On the path.

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