Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show Your Spirit

I am so pleased to finally reveal a small project I've been working on, planning for and losing sleep over: College Sweethearts!

I have been crazy over the felt hair barette craze and bought quite a few before I decided to finally sit down and try to make some myself. After trial and error, I think I finally have come up with a high-quality formula that turns out the best hair pretties, and they are so much fun to make.

I grew up in a family that was crazy over college sports, I lived in a town that had a specific color scheme, I married a college sports-lover and now live in a college town. So, it was pretty easy to come up with this formula.

I love the fact that I can get T-shirts and outfits for my little ones to show their school spirit, but I haven't been able to find cute enough hair clips that will actually stay in my daughter's hair. So, I came up with these:

And these:

And these:

And then I opened up shop at

As you can see, I only have green and white in the shop right now. That is because I am only allowed to show five items at a time in my current status as a Big Cartel shopkeeper. If my business grows, I will be able to post more clips to the site. Don't worry! As soon as one set sells, I will immediately post another set to take its place.

Please don't fret if you are not a green and white fan, I plan on branching out very soon and adding all the Big Ten schools to my site. If all goes well, I will branch out into some SEC schools and go from there.

So, if you have any thoughts or advice, I would gladly take some (please be nice - I'm highly excitable since I am low on sleep). I would also gladly take some free advertising! So, if you know someone who might be interested, please direct them to my shop or email me at jennyem1atgmaildotcom.

On the path...


Dana said...

Jenny -- on my blog you asked if you could watch the videos that made me laugh. Every video that was made is posted on my blog. You just have to read the older posts. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jackamo said...

They look awesome! Good luck!!! I wish I knew ANYONE with a little girl besides you. We are some testosterone loving families down here.

Jenny said...

Thank you, Jackamo! I know how hard it is to find really cool stuff for boys too. I'm hoping to eventually add boy items like toddler/child scarves and hats...

We'll see!

Philigry said...

those are super cute! good luck! great idea.

randi said...

Very cute! Best wishes with your new shop!