Friday, January 30, 2009

She said she doesn't want you here when she gets back because you've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak.

I really feel like that about my camera sometimes. It eats all my steak and makes me really angry. I try to get good shots and they end up blurry. I change the settings and the picture is no longer blurry but is dark, etc., etc. I even manually set the aperture and shutter speed to no avail. I miss important moments and I am hardly EVER in any of my own pictures as I am the only one who knows how to take pictures on this thing. Whenever I hand the camera over to someone else, I am blurry. Ugh. Grrr.

So much for a glorified point-n-shoot. Someday I'll have this camera. Or if God really opened up the floodgates: this one. As well as this one for other people to take pictures of ME with.

All that said, here are the pics I Photoshopped to death. Remember this post? I was working on a charcoal hat and I really think I had to undo that thing about four times before I got the gauge right. I am still not a master of gauge. Or apprentice even.

But hats are wonderfully quick and easy to knit - nothing like a full-size sweater or even one of those loooong scarves that just won't end. I have been going hat-less this winter for the most part because a few of my hats are outdated or lost and I just can't bring myself to buy one when I can very well make one!

This hat is Couvercle from Knitty. If you look at the picture from that website and compare it with mine, you'll notice that the brims are pretty different. I would LOVE to tell you how I modified it but the simple truth is this: I completely made it up as I went. It is supposed to be a crocheted brim and I don't really know how to crochet and what the crochet abbreviations mean. I was so eager to get this hat done that I just grabbed a crochet hook and stuck it in the hat and went for it. To my complete surprise, it worked. I could not duplicate it though.

I'm going to HAVE to learn how to crochet though. There are so many cute, cute toys on Ravelry that will be perfect for using up those half used balls of yarn from other projects. I love this yummy cupcake, and this little guy I'm going to make asap.

Ever since returning from Jackamo's house, I have also been sucking down the hot tea this winter. So, obviously I need one of these: Patty mug covers. I am reallying loving the moss stitch.

On the path...


Angie Armstrong said...

Love the hat, Jen!

G'G'ma said...

I learned a lot of what not to do. IF I ever have to do the job again it should be a snap!!


tipper said...

I long for a fancy smancy new camera too. Love the hat-the brim does add a little something special too it.