Monday, January 12, 2009

Win a Sweet Treat!

After a crazy hectic couple of weeks, I am happily and gladly announcing my 100th posting Sweet Treat giveaway!

I realize that many, MANY bloggers enjoy giveaways from time to time to mark certain occasions or events, and they also use that contest to draw more readers. To be very honest, I've thought about a contest to do just that by having people put a cute icon on their blog or to invite 10 friends to leave a comment or to even have some clever contest that would involve creative writing or a video clip.

Well ... I'm not going to do that. These past 100 posts have been so much fun for me and through blogging, I've met some pretty amazing people. It's you (family, friends and e-friends) that read my blog simply for enjoyment or for an inspiration or two that I'd like to target with this contest. So keep it under wraps if you want to increase your chances of winning! ;)

I have seriously enjoyed blogging back and forth with all of you - visiting your websites and blogs, Flickr pages and favorite online shops. You all have given so many creative and fun ideas that my to-do list is seriously long and I my head is constantly whirring with projects and ideas. So, thank you!

Simply leave me a comment to this post with a valid email address or a link to your blog so I can find you. If you and I already know each other through communications on this blog, just keep doing what you've been doing. I know where you are..

I will leave this contest open for about two weeks so that everyone will get a chance to see the contest and enter if they want. CLOSING DATE FOR THE SWEET TREAT CONTEST IS: JANUARY 26TH, 2009!

After the 26th, I will tally up all of the commenters from this post and put you all in a name jar and draw a winner.

A hand-made, one-of-a-kind child size bean bag. This bean bag is approximately 32" in diameter when filled and is made of heavyweight, durable, machine-washable cotton. The heavyweight zipper is plastic, so please don't use an iron on this part. Included is the muslin insert that is also approximately 32" in diameter when filled.

BEAN FILLING IS NOT INCLUDED. Hey, I'm giving this away for free, so go find your own filler. (I found mine at my local grocery store believe it or not.)

I can not wait to see to who's home this little treat will go. I have a bean bag chair I made for my children and they just love it (mostly for rolling around and playing games with). These were so much fun to make and easily made out of small pieces of heavyweight fabric.

Good luck to everyone and thanks so much for stopping by. You are appreciated!

Stay on the path...


Em said...

Hey! Of course, I'll enter! I think your bean bags are really cute! Congratulations on 100 posts!

Jackamo said...

I love it. I want it. I'm visualizing it in my kids' playroom already. Make my dream a reality!

Cheryl A said...

Wow! You are super generous! Count me in.

G'G'ma said...

Congrats on your 100th! The bean bag would be wonderful to have here when my great grandchildren come to visit.

Watoosa said...

Oooh, lovely, a treat! Yes, please?