Saturday, March 8, 2008


Here it is. The secret I've been working of for a while now. Okay, so it's not a published novel or a new clothing line, but I'm pretty proud of it - Chandler's bean bag chair. He loves it too.

I was a little worried about telling everyone what I was going to make since I had no idea if this thing would work out or not. Luckily, my hubby is good at math and the pattern turned out OK. Chandler loves anything with a motor so I had to put a truck on there. I really wanted to do something more organic with flowing lines and a cool pattern, but trucks are what he likes. So, I threw in the tree just for fun.

I'll have him try his best to bust this up and see how it hold up to washings and general wear and tear. This is what I have been thinking about using for an Etsy shop of my own. There are a lot of different kinds bean bag furniture out there for kids, but none of them looked like I wanted them to and the expense was too much. So, this was my solution. I bought the beans at our local grocery/super store and that was that.

Here are some beanbag-a-licious details:

Well, with all of that sewing, I had to catch up on my chores. I also had a little help. One of Chandler's favorite things to do is help me wash dishes. An interesting result of him washing is that the floor also gets washed. And the boy.

Keep on the path!


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Very Nice!! I love it! My son would love one of those, so maybe I'll try my hand at a big bean bag, too!

Em said...

Great Beanbag! I think you should make them for Etsy! Great idea! I love the truck and the tree too.

Watoosa said...

Oh, boy. I know what my son will be doing as soon as he gets old enough...
Love the bean bag chair, and I love the masthead photo. Where was it taken? Because I need to go there.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, my girls would adore one with a horse on it.

Jackamo said...

I am SO impressed! That bean bag chair is awesome. I hope that I have room to leave my sewing machine out when we move. I'd like to get a little more crafty! GREAT JOB!!