Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pizza, Pizza

We're still trying to watch our calories here at our house and homemade personal pizzas fit the bill. It's been a fun project to do with our toddler. We let him pile his pizza with vegetables and cheese, only to have him refuse to eat it after it's baked. He loves to look through the oven window, though, and check on his pizza's progress. For some reason, he doesn't like cheese much (I only wish I could say the same thing) and will sometimes eat the bread or lick all of the pizza sauce off of the top. Sigh.

But at least now we can put him to work washing dishes...

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Em said...

It's funny - I was just thinking about making some of these today, but then I don't have any cheese... so we didn't! Luckily my son will eat just about anything I put in front of him... for now. Daughter just decided she doesn't like green beans! Weird!