Monday, January 28, 2008

Back Again

Hello there! I apologize for disappearing for a while there. Two weeks ago I went to a conference for work and came back with a nasty virus that had me flat on my back for two days. When I finally emerged from my bedroom two Sundays ago with my fever and chills having gone (hallelujah!), I picked up my son and threw out my back! The rest of that evening was spent lying in the hallway with my feet up and my back on a heating pad. Thank goodness my Mom and Dad were there and Mom read some Jeeves stories (by P.G. Wodehouse) aloud and made me laugh which hurt my back even more. It was worth it.

I finally feel slightly human again and am ready to craft, work and share photos. Above is me at the conference, pre-virus, hugging a giant furkin! The booth worker in the background doesn't look to happy, but he should be! Anyone who gets to hang out with an enormous furkin all day should be automatically ecstatic. Also in this picture you'll see the Amy Butler High Street Messenger bag I made out of some fabric I got for Christmas - an Amy Butler print and some chocolate corduroy. I wouldn't recommend using fabric that is too thick (like corduroy) since I had a very difficult time sewing all the parts together and broke a needle (and some skin).

Could I be any more happy with my AB bag and the giant furkin? I say "no."

Stay tuned for more pics on WIPs as well as my catch-up for the quilt-a-long. I am so very far behind that I may just finish all of these right before week 12 is up!

Back on the path...

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