Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Year and a Reason to Celebrate

My 32nd birthday was on Sunday and another year is another reason to celebrate, right? I am alive and healthy and I have a wonderful family and friends and extended family. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 23, just out of college with no idea what I'm doing. Most of the time, though, I am comfortable in my own skin and with who I am and where I'm headed.

We officially celebrated on Saturday with a walk to the art festival and some homemade cake from my MIL. It was chilly but sunny and Chandler and Ava loved listening to the musicians at the fair. It was really hard to pull them away, but we eventually got to visit the booths and get a snack.

I was pampered with a massage for my birthday as well as a date out with my husband. Here are a few of my spoils from the weekend:

A silver necklace from my parents:

Some cute jammies from my sweet hubby:

A leather handbag from MIL:

Oh, and I forgot to share my mother's day gift with you:

This beautiful necklace was made by Tammy Fakler over at Joyfully Crafted. These sterling silver discs were beautifully hand-stamped and it was a wonderful gift. I wear it almost every day. Check out her Etsy shop and I'm sure you'll find a great gift in there.

I hope you had a great weekend and don't worry, I'm still crafting. I really need to take some photos and share the projects with you soon.


Em said...

Aww! Happy Birthday! I'll be 32 this year too! It looks like you've gotten some great gifts! I love that necklace with the kids names on them!!! I would wear it all the time too!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday Jenny! Your silver necklace with your children's names on it looks extra special. Love the ALien cushion you made recently - that would look perfect in a kids play room.

Philigry said...

happy belated birthday! it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Cheryl A said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was this past Friday, so we're close.