Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Miss Figgy

I saw some fresh figs in the produce section yesterday and bought them on a whim, thinking that I would make Lidia's gorgeous fig upside down cake.

However, I could not find that recipe on her website, her blog, or her cookbooks (I even went to the library!). Oh well. I still love her.

So I went online (hey, I had a fridge full of figs at this point) and found this tasty and easy recipe by Emeril. Try it! It was a hit with everyone (except the kid who refused to eat his peas - no dessert).

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Em said...

We have a big fig tree in our yard, and we ate some this year - they were really good, but I don't like all of those little seeds... Maybe I could try making a fig pie or pudding with them next year!