Monday, September 15, 2008


What a weekend! And I feel like it hasn't stopped. I've been trying to knit, finish a dress for Ava to wear at my brother's upcoming wedding, WORK, and personal design favors for family. Whew! All while trying to walk a little girl around the house constantly and dealing with some early-on troublesome 3s.

By the way, can anyone out there tell me that there is a light at the end of this tantrum tunnel? Or could anyone just lie to me? I am totally beat.

Okay, as promised, here is the LOVELY apron-swap apron that I received from Kathi. I took the photo today, all dishevled and crazy from my morning with the kids - but even then, doesn't an apron hide all that messiness with a little bit of glam?

Thanks, Kathi, for the FAB apron and even better recipe for chocolate silk pie. It sounds so good, and I am planning on making it for the next time we have company over for dinner.

Hopefully I'll have some more crafty photos for you this week!

Stay on the path...


Troye said...

Love the apron. you got a good one!
The tantrums will cease tomorrow. You will wake up and have your angel child back.
Seriously, for me- with both boys- there was almost a light switch at age four, and they became so much more managable. It does happen quicker than it seems. That I do promise!

Kathi said...

It looks darling on you and you are so funny. I felt the same way when I was trying to show the apron I received and I eventually just put my little girl in it. It's too big for her but it was better than how I was looking that day. We're all the same deep down! If it's ok, I'd love to share your photo on my blog too since I messed up and forgot to take a picture before it left my hands. Have a great day.

Philigry said...

love your apron!
i know the tantrums are really hard. i am going through it with my almost two year old, and my almost five year old! it is so tough to keep it together. i think it does get better though. my five year old has never been like this. No terrible two's or three's with him. I think if they don't go through it when they are young, they go through it when they are older. Glad you are going through it now, because the older they get the the harder it is i think.
I hear you on all the crafting. i think we do it to keep ourselves sane, but then stress out about it a bit. I know that is what i do.
i can't wait to see what you create!