Monday, March 2, 2009

Five Reasons I Love Flying Out of A Small Airport

1. No lines at the baggage claim (the truth).
2. TSA officials ask me why I wasn't smiling when I rounded the corner.
3. Joke around with said officials about staying out late and teething babies.
4. Being the only person going through security - I mean ONLY person.
5. Having the same person who checked my bags, take my ticket.

I'll be out of town this week but I still plan on posting some crafty updates - stick with me!

On the path...

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Jelly Wares said...

I love small airports too... WE have our own airstrip on our farm and DH has a plane so when we fly we are constantly stopping at the small airports, great hospitality!!! Our plane wouldn't cope at say Melbourne or Sydney airport and neither would DH come to think of it... LOL!!!

Jodie :)