Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommy Guilt and Easy Toddler Aprons

I often struggle with Mommy-guilt. Don't we all? Am I paying enough attention to my kids? Am I paying too much attention? Are they learning enough? Do they feel loved enough? Are they getting a balanced meal at least once a day? Will they someday be telling their therapist about the time Mommy made them wear dirty pajamas because she didn't do the laundry? Am I doing ENOUGH? All the magazines tell us to give ourselves a break, but honestly ladies, I really think we're hardwired as moms to beat ourselves up from time to time. For those of you who never do, please send me a link to your blogs! I will need to read your personal guilt-free mantras when I get in these moods.

Anyway, these times always inspire me to do something really fun with my kids. Not out of guilt per se, but out of a need to have some fun and forget about my worries. So, I decided to have a cookie-making session one afternoon recently.

Nothing about that sounds particularly exciting but it was the BEST for my kids. They love to help out in the kitchen and my son will sometimes cry if he can't help me out (Frying wontons in hot oil? I don't think so.), but will be a busy bee when he can (Topping the pizza? Yes!). Now that he loves helping in the kitchen, his sister has to do it too. If she can't be all up in his business all the time, then she is not happy. This activity makes them both happy.

First, we donned our special toddler aprons for the occasion. They were both so proud and these were very easy and quick to make! I didn't have enough contrasting fabric for my son's apron so he had Thomas the Tank Engine on both sides and of course, he didn't mind.

They never stand this still for me, but I'd like to think that they were admiring the superb construction of their aprons. Or they were just being still for just a split second.

We made fairy cookies! You can find the recipe here, and please take a moment to read this blog. I love catching up on all of the crafty bits as well as all the exciting things happening on their farm.

So, Chandler was in charge of cutting the cookies. He is holding a plastic Zyliss salad knife. Doesn't cut the skin, but is strong enough for soft things like potatoes, lettuce, soft cheese and of course, cookie dough. See how carefully he holds the knife?

We are learning how important it is to be safe with a knife while you are using it in the kitchen. Once he cut a cookie, it was then passed off to his sister who took a lot of time and care to arrange each piece on the cookie sheet.

She would put one down, take a look, rearrange and then rearrange them again. I didn't touch them and into the oven they went. I can't say they turned out as good-looking as the recipe at Jelly Wares, but they were tasty!

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Rachel said...

These are totally darling!

Jenny - thanks for contacting me about Mountain Baby Blankets... but I can't find your email address. Can you email me again?

racheljcox (at) yahoo dot com


Philigry said...

the aprons are so great. i love them. i know about the guilt. everyday i struggle with it. i think it is just a part of motherhood.

Cheryl A said...

Oh, today is a bad day here for guilt..and some tears. We're interviewing nannies and I just don't want to go back to work. We too pulled out our aprons (so similar!) and set to baking this morning. Blueberry muffins, which are going down quite nicely with maple butter and a cup of tea, thank-you very much.

Watoosa said...

They look so adorable in those aprons! I can't wait until Ben is old enough to help bake. I hope he will want to!
So, how much puke has to be on a pair of pjs before they qualify as "we need to change them even though it will upset and wake up the baby"?

Em said...

What a wonderful day! The aprons are adorable! Great job with the kids in the kitchen!

tipper said...

Such cute kiddos and love the aprons. Oh the mommy guilt-my girls are much older than your children-and I still get it!

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- they look so adorable in their cute aprons. It looks like you're doing a great job to me! (And I don't want to depress you, but you'll probably still be second guessing what you did and didn't do when they're grown -- at least I do ;-( )

Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to respond to you via e-mail but it bounced back.