Friday, November 30, 2007

The Heavens Have Opened Up, and In My Lap Fell...

A new sewing machine!

Actually, it didn't just fall into my lap but it may very well seem like it since I've only been out a sewing machine for about a day and a half (Gasp!). My very first sewing machine - yahoo! Of course, I do feel bad that I'm giving back my Mom her broken one, but I guess I'll have to make her something nice on this machine.

Considering that I've only worked on a machine older than 10 years my whole life and ones that don't always work well (my finger still hurts from where Grandma's machine bit me the other day), this new one is a beaut. My sweet, darling hubby said that I should pick one out for Christmas, so that is what it did. Of course, that makes his shopping super easy and since he readily agreed to let me get this one, that tells me that he hasn't bought anything for me yet (I've already got all of his gifts - he picked them out already!). So, he's happy ... I'm happy.

Whew! Who knew that buying a sewing machine was like buying a computer? I had to buy a computer recently for work because I am a contract graphic designer, so my computer is my livelihood. That was easy compared to this. My head was reeling with all the options available out there and comparing all the notes took a while. But I was just so darn excited to get a new sewing machine, I didn't care. I finally found a good deal on a slightly-more-than-basic machine - no computer screen, no embroidery - that will do overly fine for me.

And what the heck is this? Drop-in bobbin loading? You more seasoned sewers will probably be chuckling when you read this, but I had no idea this kind of stuff was available. I probably should play more in the sewing machine department of my LFS (local fabric store).

This. Is. So. Cool.

That also means that I have finally completed my two quilt blocks in half the time. I also had time to run upstairs to put the passie back in the baby's mouth two times (she was down for the night but needs a "passie-pop" once in a while to settle back down) and talk with my mother on the cell phone while I made these puppies and was still finished in record time. Yahoo!

That also means that I had to add to my stash to finish these quilt blocks. This is all I had in the way of "stash" for cotton fabric:

This is what I bought to finish out the other quilt block (I hope I have enough). I am sure all of you out there would agree that it's not a bad thing to add to your stash, even if it's for a stash-busting project!

Here is quilt block #2. Not to shabby considering I didn't rip out the yucky seams from ye olde sewing contraption. I just went for it. Some squares didn't line up but it looks pretty good.

Here is quilt block #3. Triangles are hard! I ended up not cutting part of one triangle right and so the middle of this block isn't really right at all, but it still looks good if you stand a couple of paces back!

So, my drama was short lived but I appreciate the encouraging comments from everyone. I'm back on track and should be posting more frequently now that the holidays are coming up. Handmade gifts all around!

Back on the path...


Em said...

Jenny - great job on block #2, and thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm glad you got a new machine - I was just looking for some more bobbins for mine and glanced over at the machines since they were on the same aisle... MAN those drop-in bobbins look so cool! Mine has the front-loading type and it's kinda a pain, but I'm used to it so it's all I know. I didn't mean to set the bar high - I think I just got lucky - and the picture doesn't show, it's not perfect either! Em

rainylakechick said...

I have sewing machine envy!!!

*** drools at the awesomeness of the new machine ... ***

Kelly said...

congrats on the new machine. I am loving your quilt blocks. You have "the eye" for color combos. A few of your fabrics are very familiar to me. haha! It's always good to add to your stash- I always check remnant bins for deals on smaller pieces.

NanaK said...

Hi Jenny, your block #2 looks great and I love the colors. Congrats on the new sewing machine. Hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it. That drop in bobbin must be nice!

I joined the quilt-a-long over the weekend, but haven't begun yet. Tomorrow will be the day. I have some catching up to do.

Hope to hear from you.