Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, no!

My sewing machine has died ... DIED! Actually, it's my mother's sewing machine that she lent to me. I inherited my grandmother's 35-year old Kenmore sewing machine and since that didn't always work very well for me, mom decided to lend me her machine.

While working on my quilt block, her machine stopped working. I actually don't know the names of the parts very well, but the area with the bobbin started snagging the thread so badly that the needle wouldn't move anymore. I took out all the parts down there, cleaned it, reassembled it according to the manual, and ... nothing. It clogs every time.

I actually had some time to work on things tonight and decided to drag grandma's machine out of retirement. After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to sew up the blocks for quilt block 2, a bleeding finger and the tension button changing on me mid-sew, I quit. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

Here is my sad, sad quilt block #2.

I had so many plans for that machine. I thought I could at least get another year out of that machine before I started looking at investing in a new one. I don't want a cheapie but I don't want the most high-end machine either. I make things like handbags and clothing as well as some crafts on the machine and that's it. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new machine? My sweet hubbie says that I could have one for Christmas if I find one that I like that isn't too outrageous of a price.

Sitting on the path, with a twisted ankle...
- JS


Em said...

Jenny!!! Oh, I feel so bad for you! I think you need to get the shuttle changed on the machine that's your mom's - don't know much about machines really. I just have a Brother XL-5340, a gift from my mom about 5 years ago. Maybe someday I can afford to get a really good machine! I like the block though, really pretty fabrics.

rainylakechick said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I feel your pain... My machine is making noises right now. (Actually, its my mother's machine too! HA!!) I just had the entire system serviced 4 months ago, completely inside and out, and now its giving me trouble.

If you are looking for an okay system, my friend got a nice machine at Wal-mart for $99. It has automatic threading and does some fancy stitches. For the price, I think its a good alternative without buying something uber expensive.

Anyway, I love your fabric choices. It will be beautiful when its finished!

Betsy said...

there is nothing worse than a sewing machine that doesn't want to work, especially when you are ready to get busy!!! I love your fabrics....can't wait to see how they all come out.