Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Little Birdie Told Me

Viruses galore! These past two weeks I have been taking care of my little ones who have come down with the hand, foot and mouth virus. It's a nasty little virus that leaves blister-like sores on, you guessed it, your hands, feet and mouth. Poor Chandler's tongue was raw at one point. Being the giver that he is, little sister, Ava, has the virus as well.

So, with all the time we have at home, we've been hanging out and watching the birds on our back porch birdfeeder. We have had an awful time with belligerent squirrels dominating the feeder in the past and breaking it apart to get to the seed. We used to have a wire feeder, which has all but rusted with broken wires (courtesy of the overfed squirrels) poking out everywhere. Now we have a nice, new feeder full of safflower seeds. Since using those seeds, I haven't seen a squirrel once but the birds love it!

Someone else enjoys watching the birds as well. Too bad you have that loud bell on your collar Eddie!

Since the kiddos have been home and not feeling their best, I haven't really been able to tackle any new projects but there are so many bouncing around in my head. Hopefully my next post will show some progress on another project.

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