Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm the Mary, You're the Rhoda!

"Inventing Post-It notes was totally my idea."

I often have so many plans for what I'm going to accomplish in the evening when my baby goes down for the night. There I was, rocking her back to sleep for the umpteenth time while channel surfing when I came across "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" playing on one of the local channels.

Romy and Michelle are high school buddies who have been living the single life together in California as happy-go-lucky twenty-somethings. Desperate to make good impressions at their ten-year high school reunion, the girls try to lose weight ("All I've had to eat for the past six days are gummy bears, jelly beans, and candy corns!"), get a job and find boyfriends. All in two weeks!

There are times when I really wish I would have used Romy's line when being picked up by a less than savory guy, "I cut my foot before and my shoe is filling up with blood." That would have worked.

Why am I bringing up Romy and Michelle? Well, even though they went to their high school reunion claiming to have invented the Post-It note as a ruse to make themselves appear as the most successful girls in their class, they really did have an underlying talent - sewing! ("We're going out tonight and I don't have anything to wear and I don't have time to sew anything new!")

Romy and Michelle's "cutting edge" outfits got them noticed at the reunion by one of their classmates who was a style editor for Vogue - I think. (I had to put Ava down again and couldn't watch the rest of the show.) So, they ended up with their own clothing line and a boutique ("Have a Romy and Michelle day!"). How cool is that?

As a little girl, I was always designing and sewing new outfits for my Barbie dolls from scraps of fabric Mom had lying around. I never used a sewing machine for these, but would painstakingly hand sew all of the clothes. I think my biggest achievement was sewing a peasant-like bustier out of some leftover velvet fabric Mom used to cover our dining room chairs. Barbie never looked so good.

I have never been brave enough to just concoct a whole outfit, sew it up and then wear it! But, I have wanted to try something for my kids. Never fear! I will probably use a pattern. If I didn't, I'm sure the results would be scary. Much scarier than the Star-Treky dress Romy is sporting in the picture above.

Have any of you ever tried making your own outfits? I'd love to read your stories.

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