Monday, December 10, 2007

In a Holiday Tizzy

It feels like it has been so long since I've been able to do a decent post. Being a mother of two under the age of two makes it really hard sometimes to do anything. Some days, a major goal of mine is to just luxuriate in an evening shower - I do look forward to them when I can get one in (Sorry, this is too much information.). A lot of the thanks can go to sweet hubby because he stands on the lookout for crying kiddos while I lock myself in the bathroom for a while.

I made these cute, cute balls last week from a pattern I got from the Grand Revival Designs blog. Check it out - these were so much fun to make! I don't think the recipient of these plush balls will be reading my blog anytime soon so I feel that it's safe to post these. I used some leftover fabric scraps and ribbon and they turned out great! The ribbon is for little hands to grab a hold of and either chew or use them to throw the balls - wheee! I hope she'll like them. I just have to make the smallest size to round out the duo to a balanced trio and I'll be done with this project.

Another reason I haven't really posted in a while is because it's so DARK here in Michigan so early. I have to get really creative in my basement and with Photoshop but really, natural light does so much better. I have quite a few items to check off my list in about two weeks before D-day but it's very fun.

I got my yarn in the mail today - yahoo! I'll be finishing hubby's cable knit scarf in no time. However, I did find a great new little project that I hope to start on sometime for some little one, or maybe my little ones. It's a fair isle cap for babies. I also found a CUTE pattern for an earflap hat for babies/toddlers from Julie.

See you soon!


Em said...

Cute Little balls! I have some cut out and ready to sew up, but haven't decided when that's going to happen. I know what you mean about the shower... I HAVE to have one first thing in the morning though, or else I feel awful/half asleep all day, no matter what.

Cheryl A said...

I remember the 11 pm showers once we got the Monster to sleep... Good luck with the quilt!

Jenny said...

Hey Cheryl a - I feel ya. It's about 1AM and I still haven't showered! Ah, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for the luck! I'll need it. Everyone's quilt blocks are so precise-looking, but I'm getting better.