Monday, December 3, 2007

Vintage Knits

Don't you just LOVE used bookstores? You don't? Well, you should hop into a few once in a while - you never know what you'll find. Beth, you would like this little shop but I'm not sure if you and I popped in there when you were last in East Lansing. The shop I'm referring to is called the Curious Book Shop. Ava was sleeping in the carrier on one of our long walks we would usually take this past summer, so I decided to go in and found these dandies. Aren't they grrrrrreat?

This is the bookstore that I have call me whenever they get in any C.S. Lewis books so I can get as many Chronicles of Narina series in the old, original (and correct if you ask me) order. But, once in a while it's just fun to browse the shelves. I found their crafts section at the back and ran into these beauties. I LOVE the styles in here. Well, I probably won't be crocheting a large, yellow jacket-thingy with baby blue ribbon for myself anytime soon, but some of the baby and toddler knits in here are truly adorable. Check out these cuties...

I really think that this pattern looks doable. I love the bonnet but Ava's growing so quickly, I hope her head won't be too big by the time I actually get this done.

Just look at these vintage babes:

I love the little girl's hat - so adorable. Although, she's all bundled up from the waist up, but look at the bare legs! At our current 25 degrees here, it makes me shiver. Perhaps the weather for this knitter/designer would be more appropriate for her getup.

I'm almost done with hubby's double-sided cable knit scarf. We tried it on tonight and decided that we needed one more ball of yarn to finish it off. Just waiting for the yarn to arrive in the mail. Sooooo, since I had to order another ball, I couldn't let a whole mail order go to waste so I got some of this and this too. I'm gonna try a dishcloth pattern from this book and try out this picot dress for next summer. Okay, I tend to overbook myself but it's fun. Wheeeeeeee!

On the path...

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Felicia said...

Those are excellent vintage knitting books :)