Monday, December 24, 2007

Party #1 Down, More to Come...

Isn't getting together with family this time of year fun? Okay, maybe not so much fun for everyone but for us, it was a great time. We just came back from family Christmas party #1 and will be taking some time off tomorrow before we rush off to the next holiday. We have been so busy this month, that we forgot to take the cushions off of our porch furniture before the snow came. Oh well! I think it looks very pretty - sort of like a Symphony in White still life by Whistler. Or maybe not.

Okay, so I can show some of my gift photos now that they have been given. Below are the many zip pouches that I was able to whip out for the many teachers at our day care center. I was nervous about giving these as gifts but they were met with lots of praise so I am glad they made the girls happy.

This little monkey went to my sweet niece, Naomi, along with one of the plush balls. I kept the other one for Ava to munch on.

Here is the monkey getting her first bit of lovin' from her new owner.

I hope this post finds everyone happy, healthy and having some fun with family and friends. Merry Christmas!

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